Cloud Nurdz 100ml

To put it simply, Cloud Nurdz does fruity candy flavors right. They understand that real nostalgic candy fanatics want to feel like they’re enjoying the real thing when they hit their mod. Their dedication to high-quality flavors allows them to get away with deceptively simple flavor profiles that truly let the ingredients sing.


Whether your taste buds yearn for crisp apples, juicy watermelons, plump grapes or sun-kissed strawberries infused into little candies, Cloud Nurdz has an ADV waiting for you in their impressive inventory.  Their fruity blends captivate the palate with mouth-watering flavor profiles that don’t need any bells or whistles.  After just one drag of a Cloud Nurdz, you’ll feel refreshed, satisfied and soothed whether it’s the middle of winter or the hottest day in July.  


No matter which candy fruit flavor duo you choose, Cloud Nurdz has you covered

Cloud Nurdz Grape Apple ICED 100ml - Ejuice Vape Discounts
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